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VideoAmp Interactive Backgrounds

VideoAmp is a Santa Monica based software company that facilitates smart video advertising by using analytics to identify optimal target audiences for sellers. Their mission is to empower companies to execute to the metrics that matter using software and data solutions.

VideoAmp contracted Resovere through an additional agency, Vibrant Light, to develop a set of interactive backgrounds to be used across their website’s most important pages. The goal of these backgrounds was to create a memorable first impression that pushes website visitors to convert to leads.

Tech Specs

generative programming

Each page visit, a different result is showed to the user, creating a unique experience each time a user lands on VideoAmp’s website.

modern javascript

The backgrounds were developed using modern programming techniques supplemented by the use of ES6. This ensures that the code is easily to read, and that the end result is performant and scalable as possible.

3d programming

The Advanced TV Planning page utilizes the 3D web framework Three.js. This allows one to dive directly into the three-dimensional realm to obtain an interaction you just can’t get with standard two-dimensional layouts.


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